Evolution of plant-microbe hormone-mediated communication


Thursday March 14th, 2019


9:00- 9:30, Registration and welcome.

9:30- 9:55, Klaus Schlaeppi (Institute of Plant Sciences, University of Bern, Switzerland). “Plant root microbiome interactions: from structure and function to smart farming”.

9:55- 10:20, Karin Ljung (Umea Plant Science Centre, Sweden). “Auxin biosynthesis and metabolism in plants- common denominators and implications for growth and development”.

10:20- 10:45, Ondrej Novak (Institute of Experimental botany, Czech Republic). “Hormonics- a general approach to phytohormone screening”.

10:45- 11:10, Richard Napier (University of Warwick, UK). “Auxin selectivity: looking back with pharmacology”.

11:10- 11:35, coffee break

11:35- 12:00, Matthew Horton (University of Zurich, Switzerland). Identifying the factors that shape the plant microbiome”.

12:00- 12:25, Dolf Weijers (Wageningen University, The Netherlands). “Towards the evolutionary origin of auxin response”.

12:25- 12:50, Miguel Angel Blazquez (IBMCP, Spain). “Evolution of Gibberellin signaling”.

12:50- 13:15, Ignacio Rubio-Somoza (CRAG, Spain). “A molecular sensor to study co-evolution of Gibberellins and its receptor”.